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A person who has enthusiasm in your career, passionate in helping others to do estate planning and securing their loved ones on their rights and interests
A person who wants to walk the path of entrepreneurship that brings in generous incomes and senses of achievement
A person looking for an extra income to aid your career and financial growth
A person trying to liberate yourself from fixed working schedules, change your life, and achieve major breakthroughs
A person seeking an extraordinary life, one that shines in personal life, career, or financial conditions

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 Make your everyday more meaningful than the day before. 


Recognition is a big deal.

We love to recognize individual and team achievements, as well as acknowledging those who go 'above & beyond'.

Our consultants receive attractive commissions, so you'll get more if you smash your sales targets. We also have awards and incentives for service, teamwork, and leadership.

Beyond a job.

We hire people for a career, not only for a job. 

We will help you build extensive knowledge and experience in estate planning and master management and entrepreneurship skills, personal branding, and marketing and sales skills with our regular workshops, coaching, and mentoring sessions. 

Leaders invest in their people.

Managers are dedicated to the success of their businesses and provide ongoing support and guidance.

You'll start your career at SCT Consultancy with a clearly defined set of goals. This personal plan - created collaboratively with you and your manager - will not only ensure you reach your goals but that you also experience and celebrate milestones along the way.

Helping others is meaningful. 

Making money is happiness; making other people happy is ultimate happiness. You can achieve double happiness at SCT Consultancy. 

This career provides meaningful service - because you can help people secure their future by protecting their wealth, eliminating family messes, financial and emotional crisis. 

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