Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is it expensive to set up a will or a trust?

No, this is a common misconception about setting up a will or a trust. The minimum fee for writing a will is RM480, while setting up a trust starts at RM1,500. All these processes are transparent without any hidden charges.

2. When should I start setting up a will and trust?

As soon as possible, of course. We never know when will we leave the world, which is why we should plan in advance, to ensure we can pass down our legacies without any hassle.

3.  Why is it so important to set up a Will?

Without a Will, your assets will not be able to properly transfer to your family, and it may even become a burden for them. In the absence of a Will, asset distribution will become a tedious, tiring, and complicated legal process before the assets reach their rightful owner, especially when there are disputes in the family. It may even take years to resolve if this happens.

4. When a person is in a coma, is missing, or facing a serious illness, is their Will still valid?

In these cases, the Will is not valid as it only comes into effect upon the testator’s death. Therefore, we often advise our clients to set up a Living Trust to deal with such situations.

5. Can I write a will by myself?

You should ask yourself first, is a Will written by yourself legally binding? Does it comply with the family inheritance law, the Wills Act, or the Trust instructions? If a Will is not written professionally, it may become invalid and your family might not be able to receive your legacies smoothly.

6.  Can I ask a lawyer to help me write a Will, as they look more professional?

A lawyer will not drop by to write a Will at your convenience. They are busy going to courts or doing other jobs of more importance. Not every lawyer is specialized in Will writing, and certainly, they do not provide professional Will custodial service. On the other hand, we provide door-to-door service and our in-house legal experts will be there to support and validate your Wills with their reliable professionalism.

7. Why can't my wife and I pay for just one custody fee?

Every Will has a unique custodial number, just like each of us has a different IC number. As such, two different Wills cannot share the same custodial number. On the other hand, only the testator or the trustee (after the testator’s death) has access to the Will under our supervision.

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