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Secure Your Family’s Financial Future And Happiness

Protecting Your Wealth Leaving Legacy For Your Loved Ones

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We provide three (3) main categories of services:

Will WritingSet up a trustRisk planning

Will Writing

Ensure Your Assets Pass Down To The Right People

We provide professional consultation personalized to each client’s needs and wishes. We will assist you in preparations for a complete will and arrange for asset distribution after your death to prevent any unwanted situations regarding debt or taxes from arising. 

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Set up a trust

Change The Way To Protect Your Family After You Leave

When a person dies, most of their assets will be frozen, including bank deposits, stocks, funds, etc. Setting up a trust not only prepares emergency funds for your loved ones, but also ensures that they have enough funds to pay for their living expenses in the future.

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Risk planning

Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Financial Risks

We can never anticipate what will happen to us in the next moment. Therefore, it is necessary to plan for risks in advance. This helps to reduce financial losses caused by sudden death, accident, or disease.

We will tailor a risk plan for you, evaluate the financial risks you may face, and provide the most suitable risk transfer plan to protect you and your family.

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Why should customers choose us?


We are a franchisee of Rockwills and have more than 20 years of experience in wealth management. Our team has 70 partners, all of whom have been professionally trained and possess extensive knowledge in financial planning. We only provide the most professional advice and the best service to our customers.

Personalized solutions for clients

Writing a will and setting up a trust requires detailed planning and a personalized approach that is tailored for each client. If one is not careful during the planning and execution process, should any mistakes occur, you may stand to lose more than 50% of your assets. Our planning process is detailed and personalized to each client, and it is convenient to change and revise the distribution of your assets according to changes to your individual circumstances.


This is the principle we have always adhered to. Your personal information will only be processed by our qualified specialists to ensure that all information is correct and with no mistakes. In addition, it is our top priority to protect your privacy.


In the past 20 years, our team has written over 5,000 wills and helped over 3,000 families achieve their financial goals and fulfill their wealth management plans. We are the trusted senior franchisee of Rockwills Corporation.

Transparency of services

We provide transparent services without any hidden terms and fees.

Cut down on unnecessary expenses

Wills with more clauses will incur higher charges. Therefore, we will only provide the terms you really need, so that you can save more without spending unnecessary expenses.

Leave behind your love, not debt!

 Planning a will and setting up a trust are the best gifts you can give to your loved ones.

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